Et Køkken

_IF Concept Design Award 2014_Germany
_Up/Coming Design Award 2013_Denmark

EtKøkken, which is Danish for “a kitchen”, separates three basic functions of cooking into three freestanding stations - water, fire and chopping block.

The starting point was a desire to challenge todays kitchen! The round shape of the three sta- tions is inspired by the shape of a firepit, where people gather in 360°.

A circle of material framed in blackened steel de- fines each station: Oak for the chopping block, marble terrazzo for the skin and a crisscrossing pattern of steel for the gas cooktop.

The waterstation has to be connected to water and drainage, while the blockstation and the firestation sits on castors, so they can be easily moved and adapted for different constellations – inside or outside. The stations each have a ring attached on the side for the primary cooking tools.