The One That Moves

_for Bang & Olufsen
_exhibited in London, Munic, Copenhagen & New York 8th of May 2014

A new Bang & Olufsen television, Beo Vision Avant, was launched the 8th of may 2014. The set up included artistic installations, which explained embedded functions and values in the new tv, and the concept was designed from the perspective of “The one that moves” on different levels.

The first installation equates the lines and curves in the new and the old Avant and consists of natural brass and black brass in one spatial symphony.

The next installation has 12 layers of glass whithin a movement is engraved. Every layer is unique and when you pass the installation the smooth movement appears throug the layers of glass.

A Dual light installation hanging on a wall, illustrating the human perception principle of Colour Constancy. Two LED lightened acrylic semicircles where intensifying and decreasing in power.