One-off for Salone Satellite Exhibition 2017, Milan, Italy.

Trio Sphere Lamp is a pendant with the light source placed in the centre of three fragmented spheres. The fragments reflect the lights and their position hides the light source beautifully from any angle. The light is soft and emitted in 360 degrees from the lamp. The sphere structure and the interaction between the light and the material are essential for the quality of the light. Through a number of investigations on how to scatter the light from one point into a structure and out into the room, the poetry of light absorption, reflection and shadow casting arose. 

Small Trio Sphere Pendant  
Dimension: ø40cm
Materials: shade in brass, suspension:e27, LED: matt white

Large Trio Sphere Pendant  
Dimension: ø52cm
Materials: shade in aluminum, suspension:e27, LED: matt white

The development of this project is supported by The Danish Art Foundation, Kulturudviklingspuljen Aarhus & Dreyers Fond.