2020    GrantThe Young Artistic Elite - The Danish Art Foundation
2019    Work Grant, The Danish Art Foundation. 
2018    Nominated Best Design at Design Awards 2018 - Denmark.
2017    Work Grant, The Danish Art Foundation. 
2017    Project grant, Aarhus Art Council. 
2016    Nominated Best Lamp at Design Awards 2016 - Denmark
2016    Nominated Young Talent, Danish Design Award – Denmark
2015    Nominated Best Design at Design Award 2015 – Denmark
2014    Winner of IF Concept Design Award – Germany
2014    Winner of Up/Coming Design Award, Formland – Denmark
2013    Winner of Great Idea Award, Formland – Denmark
2010    Winner of FSC Design Award – Denmark
2009    Winner of Global Innovation Tournament Award, Stanford University – USA
2009    Winner of 2. price Aarhus H Design Competition – Denmark


2019    Crossover Exhibition, Adorno, Old Truman Brewery - London 
2018    RE F O R M  Design Biennale - Munkeruphus - Denmark
2017    Salone Satellite Exhibition - Milan - Italy
2017    Steinhardt Museum - Tel Aviv - Israel

2016    Spazio Rossana Orlandi - Milan - Italy
2015    Selected15, DesignHalle - Graz - Austria
2014    Royal Copenhagen concept store - Denmark
2014    IF Design Exhibition - Hamburg - Germany
2014    Ventura Living Room - Milan - Italy
2014    ARKxhibit, Design Arkivet Hobro - Denmark
2013    Ventura Lambrate - Salone Internazionale del Mobile - Italy
2013    Up/Coming Talents - Formland - Denmark
2011    Trapholt Art Museum - Denmark
2010    MusicHouse Aarhus - Denmark

2019    Danish Art Foundation, working grant.  
2018    Jutland Art Foundation, project grant. 
2018    Aarhus Art Council, project grant. 
2018    Danish Art Foundation, project grant. 
2017    Dreyers Foundation, project grant.
2017    Danish Art Foundation, working grant. 
2017    Aarhus Art Council, project grant.
2017    Boligfonden Kuben, project grant.
2016    Danish Art Foundation, project grant. 
2015    Aarhus Art Foundation, project grant.
2015    Danish Art Foundation, project grant. 
2015    Dreyers Foundation, project grant.
2014    Danish Art Foundation, project grant. 

Please Wait To Be Seated
Bang & Olufsen

2013    Cand. Arch. - Architect M.A.A - School of Architec- ture, Aarhus
2007    Art School Holbæk
2005    Vejen Gymnasium


Architect Mette Schelde works takes its startingpoint in function and everyday situations. She creates lighting and furniture both one-offs as well as industrial designs for production.

A year before graduating from the School of Architecture in Aarhus, Mette Schelde founded her own studio in 2012.

“All my work takes it starting point in the function. The function can both have a concrete utility, or be more based on sensual functions that is capable of being perceived by the senses. The process takes place in my universe across disciplines of exploring drafting, sketching, testing and building. Design is a language telling a story by reflecting the integrated values. It can be sensed in the quality of the function, choice of material, craftsmanship techniques and the aesthetic idiom of the object.” 

Since 2012 Mette Schelde Studio has received several awards and nominations for her work and exhibited prototypes & one-offs in different design- and art exhibitions. Some products have been put into production, and the studio collaborates with renowned Danish design companies, including Bang & Olufsen, Skagerak & Please Wait to be Seated. 

The Manifesto is made in 2016 and is a declaration of the intention and a tribute to the method and the disciplines that provide all the work from Mette Schelde studio. Most importantly the set of values prescribes rethinking the embedded habits and traditions of living, always being true to one’s intuition, aesthetics and functional beliefs, physically trying the product out yourself and, not least, to be curious in every aspect of the process in order to explore new dimensions and meet new people. Read the full Manifesto here.                    

- Text by Henriette Noermark -