The Danish architect Mette Schelde (b. 1985) works experimental with a starting point in function and everyday situations. In 2012 she established her studio from where she designs furniture, lighting and architecture.
Her designs are functional and made of simple constructions in a sculptural universe. She combines traditional materials such as wood, glass and metal with sensual functions created to be used. With simple lines and compositions, she explores new methods and technologies that point both back and forth in a mixture of tradition and renewal.
The process takes place across disciplines of sketching, building and testing and is driven by intuition and her written manifesto from 2016. Her background in architecture is evident during the design process, where the interaction between the object, the context and the human is an important part of her approach and she plunge herself into the function in all its aspects.

Mette Schelde Studio has received a number of nominations and awards and is supported by the Danish Art Foundation. She works with Skagerak, Fritz Hansen & Please Wait to be Seated and others.            

Read her full Manifesto here.  



2022    Work Grant, The Danish Art Foundation

2020    The Young Artistic Elite Grant, The Danish Art Foundation
2019    Work Grant, The Danish Art Foundation. 
2018    Nominated Best Design at Design Awards 2018 - Denmark.
2017    Work Grant, The Danish Art Foundation. 
2017    Project grant, Aarhus Art Council. 
2016    Nominated Best Lamp at Design Awards 2016 - Denmark
2016    Nominated Young Talent, Danish Design Award – Denmark
2015    Nominated Best Design at Design Award 2015 – Denmark
2014    Winner of IF Concept Design Award – Germany
2014    Winner of Up/Coming Design Award, Formland – Denmark
2013    Winner of Great Idea Award, Formland – Denmark
2010    Winner of FSC Design Award – Denmark
2009    Winner of Global Innovation Award, Stanford  – USA
2009    Winner of 2. price Aarhus H Design Competition – Denmark

2023    Albe. Lights of Tomorrow, Euroluce Milan - Italy
2022    In Union Exhibition, Neocon with Danishdesign Makers - USA
2021    MINDCRAFT PROJECT 2021 - online exhibtion. 
2019    Crossover Exhibition, Adorno, Old Truman Brewery - London 
2018    RE F O R M  Design Biennale - Munkeruphus - Denmark
2017    Salone Satellite Exhibition - Milan - Italy
2017    Steinhardt Museum - Tel Aviv - Israel
2016    Spazio Rossana Orlandi - Milan - Italy
2015    Selected15, DesignHalle - Graz - Austria
2014    Royal Copenhagen concept store - Denmark
2014    IF Design Exhibition - Hamburg - Germany
2014    Ventura Living Room - Milan - Italy
2014    ARKxhibit, Design Arkivet Hobro - Denmark
2013    Ventura Lambrate - Salone Internazionale del Mobile - Italy
2013    Up/Coming Talents - Formland - Denmark
2011    Trapholt Art Museum - Denmark
2010    MusicHouse Aarhus - Denmark

Please Wait To Be Seated
Fritz Hansen
Bang & Olufsen

2013    Cand. Arch. - Architect M.A.A - School of Architec- ture, Aarhus


METTE SCHELDE STUDIO     ·     Bremsagervej 8     ·     DK - 8230 Aarhus     ·     +45  26888004     ·   

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