Winner of "IF Concept Design Award 2014", Germany 
Winner of "UP/Coming Design Award 2013", Denmark

A Kitchen separates three basic functions of cooking into three freestanding stations - water, fire and a chopping block. The shape of a fire pit is the primary inspiration behind the round shape of the three stations, where people gather in 360°. The stations can be placed in many compositions in the middle of the room. A circle of material framed in blackened steel defines each station: Oak for the chopping block, marble terrazzo for the skin and a crisscrossing pattern of steel for the gas-cooking top. The water station requires a connection to water and drainage, while the block- and fire station sit on castors, so they can be easily moved and adapted for different constellations. The stations each have a ring attached on the side for the primary cooking tools.

Water station  
Dimension: ø45cm  h135cm
Materials: Terrazzo & steel

Fire station  
Dimension: ø60cm  h90cm
Materials: Steel

Block station  
Dimension: ø75cm  h90cm
Materials: Oak wood & steel